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Optima Redtop Battery Review: Is It Worth Buying?

  • By: Chris Patton
  • Date: December 23, 2020
  • Time to read: 9 min.

If you ride a conventional sedan, SUV, or crossover with an alternator, an Optima Redtop battery would make for the perfect pick for your vehicle.

The Optima Redtop batteries are a series of starting batteries built for normal and extreme weather conditions to deliver strong starting bursts in your vehicle.

Whether you’re driving in the heat of the summer or in the cold of the winter, these batteries would deliver the right ignition power for a reliable start-up each time.

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Optima Redtop Batteries Review: Why They Stand Out

Optima Redtop batteries are among the top contenders on the starting battery market — thanks to a well-thought design that ensures they serve you for more than just a few years. These batteries come packed with a good set of high-performance features.

AGM Construction

Optima Redtop batteries are AGM batteries, and this design comes with many perks that give these batteries many advantages over their standard counterparts.

Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) technology is a type of sealed battery construction that utilizes saturated absorbed glass mats between the plates of the battery. This allows the fiberglass to store the electrolyte in a dry or suspended form rather than in free liquid form as in standard batteries. This technology offers huge benefits in many aspects including maintenance, discharge rate, and recharge rate.

The AGM technology also makes Optima Redtop batteries your perfect options for the winter. With no liquid to freeze or expand, you won’t have to worry about your battery getting damaged from freezing.

In addition, the absence of a liquid electrolyte means you can mount the battery in virtually any position. This mounting flexibility allows you to use the battery in several vehicles other than your main car. Also, you won’t have to worry about leaks and spills due to the sealed construction.

An added perk in this area is low maintenance. No liquid means you won’t have to check the water levels every now and then. Another clear advantage of AGM batteries is their faster recharge rate. These batteries have low internal resistance, allowing them to charge up to five times faster than standard batteries.

The sealed construction also toughens up the battery, making it 15x more resistant to vibration than conventional types.

SpiralCell Technology

Optima Redtop batteries feature a unique arrangement of interior cell arrangement called the SpiralCell Technology. Each battery consists of a series of individual spiral-wound cells composed of two pure (99.99%) lead plates coated with lead oxide.

This technology makes the battery denser than standard types, and it increases the plate surface area for improved power output. This ensures that each battery delivers a mean punch that makes for stronger starting bursts in any kind of weather.

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Long-lasting Performance

While every battery would have to be replaced in the future, you won’t want to replace yours too quickly. Optima Redtop batteries are built to deliver high-end performance and serve you long enough to get the value for your money.

The actual lifespan of a battery depends not only on how often it is used, but also on the climate conditions of the area where it is used. This runs true for Optima Redtop batteries, too. Those living in extremely cold or hot regions should ordinarily expect shorter battery lifespans.

Fortunately, Optima Redtop batteries are built to give you many years of use regardless of where you stay. If you live in areas with extreme temperatures, you can expect the battery to run for up to 4 years before giving out. Nonetheless, Optima Redtop batteries are best enjoyed in areas with moderate climatic conditions. In such areas, the batteries can run for up to 8 years!

However, the power requirement of the application is another important factor that determines the lifespan of your battery. Power guzzling vehicles and other applications would kill any battery faster than is expected. Optima Redtop batteries are designed to be used in a wide variety of vehicles including commercial and heavy-duty applications.

Such applications would put the battery under constant stress and abuse. Here, the best you would get out of the battery is 18 months. This might not sound like much to an average customer, but it is way better than having to change your flooded battery every few months.


Optima claims that the process of building spiral winding continuous lead plates is more expensive than that of flat plates. This might make you think that its Redtop batteries would cost a lot more than their flat-plate standard counterparts. However, you will find Optima Redtop batteries are equally-priced or even cheaper, especially if you’re purchasing online.

Some Downsides of Optima Redtop Batteries

Optima Redtop batteries aren’t perfect; they have their own downsides, too. And here are some of them…

Shorter lifespan in harsh climates and heavy-duty applications

Optima Redtop batteries are great choices that can serve you through years of use without a drop in performance. However, this is only true if you’re an average car user. More demanding or heavy-duty applications would draw too much power from an Optima battery thereby shortening its lifespan. The same goes for the climate of the region you live in. The harsher the climate, the shorter the lifespan of the battery. However, this is true for all batteries regardless of their brand.

Warranty issues with units purchased online

Optima offers a 36-month free replacement warranty on all its Redtop batteries when used in non-commercial applications (passenger vehicles and light trucks). In commercial applications, this drops down to 12 months.

However, you would have a hard time getting Optima to honor the warranty if you purchase the battery online. Many users have had issues getting responses as to the warranty on defective batteries and most happen online. Note that, Optima won’t replace or cover your battery when used in Deep Cycle applications. 

Optima Redtop Batteries – Models and Specs

The Optima Redtop battery series comprises a good number of models, with each made specifically for a different application. Here are the models and their specifications.

Optima Redtop 35

  • Model: 35
  • Weight: 31.70 lbs
  • C20 Capacity: 44.00 Ah
  • CCA: 720
  • Width: 6.75 inches
  • Length: 9.38 inches
  • Height: 7.69 inches

Optima Redtop 75/25

  • Model: 75/25
  • Weight: 33.10 lbs
  • C20 Capacity: 44.00 Ah
  • CCA: 720
  • Width: 6.81 inches
  • Length: 9.38 inches
  • Height: 7.75 inches

Optima Redtop 78

  • Model: 78
  • Weight: 39.50 lbs
  • C20 Capacity: 50.00 Ah
  • CCA: 800
  • Width: 7.31 inches
  • Length: 10.06 inches
  • Height: 7.25 inches

Optima Redtop 25

  • Model: 25
  • Weight: 31.70 lbs
  • C20 Capacity: 44.00 Ah
  • CCA: 720
  • Width: 6.75 inches
  • Length: 9.38 inches
  • Height: 7.69 inches

Optima Redtop 34

  • Model: 34
  • Weight: 37.90 lbs 
  • C20 Capacity: 50.00 Ah
  • CCA: 800
  • Width: 6.88 inches
  • Length: 10.06 inches
  • Height: 7.88 inches

Optima Redtop 34/78

  • Model 34/78
  • Weight: 38.80 lbs
  • C20 Capacity: 50.00 Ah
  • CCA: 800
  • Width: 6.94 inches
  • Length: 10.06 inches
  • Height: 7.88 inches

Optima Redtop 6V

  • Model 6V
  • Weight: 18.50 lbs
  • C20 Capacity: 50.00 Ah
  • CCA: 800
  • Width: 3.63 inches
  • Length: 10.06 inches
  • Height: 8.13 inches

Optima Redtop 34R

  • Model: 34R
  • Weight: 37.90 lbs
  • C20 Capacity: 50.00 Ah
  • CCA: 800
  • Width 6.88 inches
  • Length: 10.06 inches
  • Height: 7.88 inches

Optima Redtop Battery Alternatives

Optima Redtop batteries are tough and reliable, but if you live in extremely hot or cold areas you might want to consider these alternatives.

Delphi MaxStart AGM Batteries

Delphi MaxStart AGM batteries pack similar specs to the Optima Redtop series. They feature AGM technology, resist vibration, never spill, and require zero maintenance. One advantage of these batteries over Optima Redtop battery is the flat-plate construction.

Rather than a spiral-wound construction, this battery features a flat surface and that makes for better power delivery. This also makes the batteries tougher than Optima’s spiral-wound batteries. So, you can get more power and many more months of use if you live in areas with harsh climates.


Odyssey AGM Batteries

When it comes to AGM deep cycling batteries, only a handful of brands do it like Odyssey. Its AGM batteries are powerful alternatives to Optima Redtops, and they allow you to do a lot more with your vehicle. Odyssey AGM batteries are built to last for years and deliver top-notch performance at all times.

Like Delphi batteries, Odyssey batteries also feature flat-plate construction. And while they might cost a little more Optima Redtop batteries, the extra cost would be worth it. This is because Odyssey AGM batteries feature pure virgin lead plates that allow for a wider surface area. Their tough design also means they would also serve you well in areas with harsh climates, delivering up to 400 cycles at 80 percent depth of discharge.


FAQs on Optima Redtop Batteries

Here are some answers to commonly asked questions about Optima Redtop batteries.

Can you charge Optima Redtop batteries with a battery charger?

Yes! While Optima Redtop batteries are compatible with a wide variety of battery chargers, there are some precautions to take note of when charging your battery.

Avoid using Gel or Gel/AGM settings as they will not fully charge an Optima Redtop battery and could damage it over time. Only use battery chargers with the right ratings on your battery. A typical charging time would run from 6 to 12 hours depending on the battery charger.

How do I maintain an Optima Redtop AGM battery?

With an Optima Redtop battery, you won’t have to worry about maintenance. This battery is designed in a way that the electrolytes are sealed so you won’t have to constantly check its water levels or add battery water regularly.

However, one maintenance tip to follow is to regularly check and clean the battery’s terminals. You should endeavor to inspect them once a week for corrosion and other defects. You can clean out any corrosion and gunk using an old toothbrush with water and baking soda.


While the Optima Redtop batteries would cost you more than conventional car batteries, they offer just the right features to justify the price. For several extra bucks, you can worry less about spills and leaks, enjoy consistent power delivery, and save on the cost of constant replacement with these batteries.


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