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how to position a boat storage battery

How Should You Position A Boat’s Storage Battery?

If you won’t use your battery for a long time, you will have to store your batteries. But if you don’t store it properly, you might end up with damaged cells. Will you keep your batteries in your boat? Do you want to store it at home? If you are confused about how to keep […]

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how to change battery in garage door opener remote

How to Change Battery in Garage Door Opener Remote Control

Garage door opener remotes can open and close heavy garage doors quickly. After some time, its batteries might run down and become dead. If you still want to use the device, you will have to get a new pair of batteries. Although it is easy to change a set of dead remote batteries, some people […]

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can i charge a lithium battery with normal charger

Can I Charge a Lithium Battery with a Normal Charger?

Today, lithium batteries are one of the most popular power sources. After all, you can find them on watches, calculators, medical equipment amongst other items. Although lithium batteries offer an impressive amount of energy, they can die. Luckily, you can recharge the batteries and continue using them. Some people wonder if it’s possible to recharge […]

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how to discharge a lipo battery for storage

How to Discharge a LiPo Battery for Storage

LiPo or Lithium Poly batteries have become popular sources of power. Thanks to their great features, they can be found in many types of equipment and toys. Although these batteries can save the day, storing them might result in a headache. After all, these cells need to be discharged before putting them away. Luckily, you […]

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how long do solar batteries last

How Long Do Solar Batteries Last?

There are many reasons why we love solar batteries. Asides from offering a clean form of energy, solar batteries do not require any electricity bills. Now the question comes – how long do solar batteries last? Since they are expensive, many people wonder if they are durable. In this post, you will understand how long […]

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how long does a lipo battery last

How Long Do LiPo Batteries Last?

There are many reasons why we love LiPo batteries. For instance, these storage cells are lightweight and provide an ideal amount of energy. It also comes in several shapes and sizes. Also, lithium poly batteries can run for a long time. Due to its tough nature, many people want to know how long LiPo batteries […]

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how to test golf cart batteries

How to Test Golf Cart Batteries Yourself

After charging your battery, can your golf cart travel across the course? Does it last for hours without any hiccups? If not, then you might have to test your golf cart battery. Before getting a new battery, it would help if you checked your battery life. When it comes down to it, the problem might […]

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how many batteries in golf cart

How Many Batteries Do You Need in a Golf Cart?

Unlike regular vehicles, golf carts do not run on gas or diesel. Instead, they get their energy from rechargeable batteries. However, there is a specific amount of batteries that are required to power the vehicle. Now how many golf batteries can power up a golf cart? If you are looking for the answer to this […]

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