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Can I Charge a Lithium Battery with a Normal Charger?

  • By: Chris Patton
  • Date: April 17, 2021
  • Time to read: 4 min.

Today, lithium batteries are one of the most popular power sources. After all, you can find them on watches, calculators, medical equipment amongst other items.

Although lithium batteries offer an impressive amount of energy, they can die. Luckily, you can recharge the batteries and continue using them.

Some people wonder if it’s possible to recharge their lithium batteries with regular chargers. If you are looking for an answer to this riddle, check out the answer on this post.

can i charge a lithium battery with normal charger

Can I Charge a Lithium Battery with a Normal Charger?

Yes, you can recharge your lithium battery with a regular charger. However, the charger should not have an automatic equalization mode. Once it becomes recharged, you disconnect the battery from the charger. Asides from a regular charger, you can also try a lithium charger.

Normal chargers are also known as lead-acid chargers. As expected, these devices can restore any weak lithium battery to full strength. To charge a lithium battery properly, you should take some precautions.

For instance, use a charger that cannot deliver more than 14.6v to your battery. As soon as the cell becomes properly charged, try to disconnect the battery properly.  On top of that, make sure the battery is not in auto equalization mode.

Furthermore, avoid storing your battery by connecting – for long periods – it to the lead-acid charger. When it comes down to it, this type of charger does not offer the ideal voltage for the lithium battery. Besides, this problem might damage the battery itself.

Luckily, some lithium batteries have smart features that can withstand charging via regular chargers.

What is the Best Charger for My Lithium Battery?

There are many ways to charge a lithium battery. As mentioned earlier, you can use a lead-acid charger. However, it is ideal if you can get a dedicated lithium battery charger.

Lithium chargers are designed to work with any type of lithium battery. You can even find a model that works with the smallest lithium cells.

So what’s special about lithium battery chargers? First, they can deliver the right amount of power without overcharging your lithium battery. They perform this task by reducing the current that is supplied to the battery.

Some brands also offer dedicated chargers that can repair damaged batteries and extend their service life. Thanks to these features, you can connect your battery for as long as possible.

How Can I Charge My Lithium Battery With a Lithium Charger?

Apart from boasting several features that will meet your needs, a lithium charger is easy to use. Here are the steps that can help you charge a large lithium battery via this device.

However, these steps might not work with all types of lithium chargers. If the following instructions are not compatible with your model, consult your owner’s manual for extra advice.

Connect the charger to the Battery

  • Connect the red clamp to the positive battery terminal. If you don’t know the positive te point of the battery, look for the terminal with the “+” symbol.
  • Connect the black clamp or eyelet to the negative battery terminal. Normally, this type of terminal is marked with a “-” symbol.

Charge the Battery

  • Connect the charger to a wall outlet.
  • Check the voltage and chemistry of the battery.
  • Inspect the connected clamps and ensure that they are properly attached.
  • Locate the mode button and press it for three seconds. This step is used to get the best mode for charging your battery. Let’s imagine that you have a 6v volt battery, choose the 6v mode.
  • Leave the unit and allow it to charge.

Extra Tips for Charging Lithium Batteries

  • As you connect the battery to an electric outlet, do not face the battery.
  • Do not place the charger in dusty areas.
  • If in doubt, consult the owner’s manual for any advice.
  • Before buying a charger, look out for product reviews as they are ideal sources of information.

Wrapping Up

Lithium batteries can power many types of devices. If they run out, they can be recharged with a lead-acid charger. Although these devices can supply power to the lithium battery, they cannot provide a full charge. Moreover, they shorten the lifespan of any connected cell.

Instead, choose a lithium charger. Since it has ideal features for powering your device, it can make your battery last longer and improve its performance.

To use this type of charger, ensure that you connect the battery to the charger. Then, fix the plug to a wall socket. Remember to choose the right model for your battery.