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How to Change Battery in Garage Door Opener Remote Control

  • By: Chris Patton
  • Date: April 17, 2021
  • Time to read: 4 min.

Garage door opener remotes can open and close heavy garage doors quickly. After some time, its batteries might run down and become dead. If you still want to use the device, you will have to get a new pair of batteries.

Although it is easy to change a set of dead remote batteries, some people do not know how to perform this task. If you are one of such persons, then you can use this post to learn how to install a new garage door opener remote battery.

how to change battery in garage door opener remote

How to Change Battery in Garage Door Opener Remote

To change the battery on your garage door remote, start by unscrewing the unit. Remove the old battery and dispose of it properly. Then place the new battery into the unit and screw back the cover. Depending on the model, you might have to reprogram the unit.

If you want to change the batteries on a garage door remote, you can use the following steps. This method can be used for most remote controls including that of Liftmaster. If the following instructions do not work with your controller, consult the owner’s manual for advice on how to replace the battery.

Open the Remote Control to Access the Battery

Find a slot at the side of the remote. Then, insert a coin or flat object into space and twist. Next, open the unit and take out the old battery. If you can’t identify a remote battery, just look for something that resembles a large, flat coin.

Find a Replacement Battery

You must get the right type of battery for your remote. To purchase the exact brand as the previous one, take the dead battery to the nearest store and pick the same brand. If you can’t get the same type of battery, seek some advice from the salesperson.

Fix the New Battery into the Unit

Open the remote by unscrewing the slot at the edge of the unit. Place the new battery into the provided space and ensure that the inscriptions – on the battery – faces upwards. Then, replace the cover of the remote control.

Test the New Battery

Even if you change a battery, the remote might not function. To check if the unit is working properly, try to open or close the doors. Remember to perform this task after replacing the new batteries.

Reprogram the Unit

If your new batteries control your doors, then you can skip this step. But if the doors do not move, you might have to reprogram the unit. After all, some garage door controllers lose important information, especially after a battery change.

If you use a Liftmaster remote, tap the “Learn” button. Then, select and press and hold any button that you might want to use to control your doors. Ensure that you hold the button for 3 seconds.

What Should I Do With My Old Garage Door Remote  Battery?

If you use lithium batteries or alkaline batteries, you can toss the dead ones into the trash bin. You can also dispose of them at selected drop locations in your area.

How Long Will My Garage Door Remote Battery Last?

Most new remote control batteries last for up to two years. But the lifespan depends on how you use the remote and the quality of the battery.

Where Can I Get the Best Batteries for My Garage Door Remote?

You can pick the ideal type of batteries from the nearest hardware store. But if you can’t find the perfect choice for your unit, consider making an order from a trusted online store.

Extra Tips for Changing the Battery in Garage Door Remote  Control

  • Keep the old or new batteries from the reach of small children and pets.
  • Before changing the battery, ensure that the door is well lubricated. After all, the door can become stuck with rust and grime.
  • Clean the sensors on the remote control.
  • Remove any garbage bags or any items that might block the transmission between the remote and sensor.
  • Consult your owner’s manual for extra advice.

Wrapping Up

It is easy to change the battery on a garage door controller. Start by pulling the unit apart and removing the dead battery. Get a replacement at the store and install and test it. Then, dump any dead battery into the trash. Also,

A good battery can last for two years. But the actual lifetime depends on the use and type of battery.

Before changing the battery, make sure the sensors of the remote are free from dust. Also, check if the door hinges are not stuck.