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how to calculate solar panel battery inverter

How to Calculate Solar Panel, Battery, and Inverter Needs

Solar electric systems are one of the cleanest sources of energy. On top of that, it is easy to maintain and works with many devices. Because of these reasons, installing a solar electric system might look like a good idea. If you want to set up a solar electric system, you will have to get […]

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how to refurbish a car battery

How to Refurbish a Car Battery within Minutes

Is your car battery acting funny? Does it stop even when your ignition is turned on? If you have any of these problems, you will have to work on your battery. There is an effective way to refurbish a battery. Luckily, this method does not require any special skills or tools. Besides, you can save […]

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what does a battery isolator do

What does a Battery Isolator Do?

If you are interested in batteries, you must have heard of a battery isolator. As expected, this device has its importance. But many people do not know much about this component. In this post, we will learn about battery Isolators. We will also discover their uses and benefits. What Does a Battery Isolator Do? A […]

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what happens when your battery runs out of water

What Happens If a Battery Runs Out of Water?

Water is one of the important components of most lead-acid batteries. As expected, this substance is an ideal medium for chemical reactions. So what happens to batteries that have become dry? Well, if you have this scenario, it might affect the behavior of your battery. If you want to know exactly what happens to batteries […]

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what is the right battery size for trolling motor

What is the Right Battery Size for a Trolling Motor?

Different models of trolling motors can work with various batteries. For these energy sources to work perfectly, they must be in the best condition. Besides, they should come in the right size. How can you determine the right battery size for your motor? Well, the batteries are sold in various dimensions. If you look around […]

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what size battery for my boat

What Size Battery Do I Need for My Boat?

Marine batteries are designed for all types of boats. Unlike the models used in cars, these batteries have tough plates and heavier features. For these reasons, marine batteries are incredibly expensive. As a boat owner, you will need to buy batteries. Asides from choosing a model with ideal features, it is ideal that you get […]

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how long does a hoverboard battery last

How Long Does a Hoverboard Battery Last?

Like most gadgets, a hoverboard uses batteries. But instead of using any type, most models use rechargeable lithium polymer batteries. If you want to get a new hoverboard, you should consider the battery life. After all, you wouldn’t want a product that offers excitement for a few minutes. So how long does a hoverboard last? […]

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what size solar panel would charge a 12v battery

What Size Panel Would Charge a 12V Battery?

If you want to recharge the batteries of your solar electric system, you will need a set of solar panels. But before you can power up the cell, you should get a panel that suits the battery. As expected, there are different sizes of panels for various batteries. If you mismatch both items, you might […]

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