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What Size Battery Do I Need for My Boat?

  • By: Chris Patton
  • Date: April 17, 2021
  • Time to read: 3 min.

Marine batteries are designed for all types of boats. Unlike the models used in cars, these batteries have tough plates and heavier features. For these reasons, marine batteries are incredibly expensive.

As a boat owner, you will need to buy batteries. Asides from choosing a model with ideal features, it is ideal that you get the battery in the right size.

Do you want to get a new battery? Then, this article will show you how to determine the correct size of battery for your boat.

what size battery for my boat

What Size Battery Do I Need for My Boat?

If you want to find the correct size of battery for your boat, calculate the ampere-hour draw and amp hour rating capacity of your boat. You should then find the right size by using the amp rating with a battery chart.

Since different boats have varying energy needs, you must get a well-sized battery that can support the vehicle. But if you prefer using random cells, then you might damage your electronic equipment.

1. Get the Amp Hour Draw of Vessel

Look for the equipment that uses 12 volts of energy. Then cross-reference them with an amp draw chart. On this table, you will find a list of electronics with their matching amp draw.

2. Get the Amp Hour Capacity Rating

To get the best size of battery for your vehicle, find the required ampere-hour draw of your vessel. You can start by listing out electronics that require up to 12 volts. Then add them up and multiply the sum by 20.

If you get the results, cross-reference them against battery charts provided by Battery International. These tables list out the various batteries based on their number of ampere-hours. You can get these charts from the internet.

How to Find Your Boat Battery Size Using a Clamp Meter

Asides from using the amperage to find the right size of the battery, you can measure your engine with a clamp meter. With this method, it is possible to know the amps required to start an engine.

Start by fixing the clamp meter to your starter. After checking the readings, use the measurements to find the best battery size for your engine.

What Are the Effects of Using Wrong Sized Batteries?

There are possible scenarios that come with using wrongly sized batteries. For instance, small batteries in large engines can damage the electronics on the vessel. But if you use an oversized battery, you should expect more power for your engine.

Where Can I Buy the Correct Size of Battery for My Boat?

You can pick different sizes of batteries from most hardware stores. If you can’t find a perfect fit for your engine, check the customer reviews on trusted marketplace websites. After going through comments, you can find a good brand. If the company has a website, consider placing an order.

How Many Batteries Do I Need for My Boat?

If you want to know the required number of batteries for your boat, consider the size of your boat. For instance, boats of less than 14 feet need a battery. But vessels of single motors need between 2 – 3 batteries.

As for larger vessels, you might have to install more batteries.

How Long Will My Boat Battery Last?

Even if you get the battery in the right size, it will not last forever. When it comes to down to it, most batteries have a lifespan of three-five years. As expected, the exact number of years depends on factors such as usage, quality, temperature, and charging habits.

However, it is possible to extend the life of your battery. With this in mind, avoid overcharging and extreme temperatures. Also, clean your battery and ensure it does not remain in storage for long periods.

What are the Best Batteries for My Boat?

After calculating the right size of batteries, ensure that you get a model with the best features. If you don’t know the best model for your engine, you should try AGM batteries.

Also known as absorbed glass mat batteries, these devices can withstand hours of staying. Furthermore, they offer longer lifespans than other batteries while boasting durability and tougher features.

Wrapping Up

Getting the right type of battery is a good way to keep your engine in top shape. You can start by finding the required amperage and using your answer to find the recommended battery size.

If you don’t want to do any hard work, you can seek the services of an expert.