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How Long Do LiPo Batteries Last?

  • By: Chris Patton
  • Date: April 17, 2021
  • Time to read: 3 min.

There are many reasons why we love LiPo batteries. For instance, these storage cells are lightweight and provide an ideal amount of energy. It also comes in several shapes and sizes.

Also, lithium poly batteries can run for a long time. Due to its tough nature, many people want to know how long LiPo batteries last.

do you want to know the lifespan of a LiPo battery? Asides from the lifespan, we will also show you how long such a battery can last on a single charge.

how long does a lipo battery last

How Long Do Lipo Batteries Last?

LiPo Batteries have a lifespan of 2 – 3 years or 300 – 800 charge cycles. But on a single charge, a LiPo battery can run between 25 minutes to a couple of days.

Today, LiPo batteries are one of the common power sources for gadgets. When it comes down to it, these types of batteries are tough and offer a decent amount of energy. Besides, they can last for long periods.

A LiPo battery has a service life of 2 – 3 years or 300 – 800 charge cycles. But on the shelf, it can last up to 4 years. However, the exact duration of the lifespan depends on many factors.

Factors that Affect LiPo Battery Life

Here are the common factors that can affect the lifespan and duration of a LiPo battery.

Battery Usage

If you use a LiPo battery frequently, the lifespan becomes shorter. But if you leave a new battery in storage, it promises a long service life.


Charging a cold LiPo battery can be a bad idea. After all, the low temperature can strain the device and shorten its lifespan. But if you charge a battery that feels warm, it will last longer.


When a LiPo battery gets older, it cannot last long. However, newer batteries offer longer periods of service.


Charging is another important factor that affects the lifespan of your device. If you charge and discharge your battery, you will reduce its lifetime.


Well-maintained batteries enjoy long lives. But if you treat your LiPo batteries with disdain, it shortens the length of working hours on your battery.

What is the Runtime of a Fully Charged LiPo Battery?

A charged LiPo battery can run for 25 minutes to a couple of hours. However, the length of the runtime depends on the size of the battery. For instance, a 5200mah battery can outlast a 1200mah battery.

How Can I Care for My LiPo Batteries?

It doesn’t require much work or skills to maintain your LiPo battery. If you use these tips, you can use the battery for as long as possible.

Charge with Dedicated Chargers

Instead of using other types of chargers for your device, stick with one that is designed for LiPo batteries. If you are using a charger that works for all types of batteries, remember to choose the “LiPo mode”. You can pick a good model at an affordable price.

Dispose of Damaged Batteries

Do your LiPo Batteries look puffy or damaged? If yes, throw them in the trash. When used, such batteries can start a fire and hurt you.

Keep the Batteries Away from the Cold

Cold is an enemy of LiPo batteries. With this in mind, do not expose LiPo batteries to extremely low temperatures. As mentioned earlier, cold can add extra pressure on the battery and shorten its life.

Charge the Battery Properly

To enjoy your LiPo battery for longer periods, ensure that it is charged correctly. You can start by performing the activity in areas that are free from flammable items. Also, avoid overcharging the battery.

Use a LiPo Sack

LiPo sacks are ideal items for storing and carrying lithium polymer batteries. They are also ideal for charging your dead batteries. Since these bags are fireproof, they are perfect for preventing any accidents with the batteries.

Wrapping Up

LiPo batteries are perfect for all types of devices. Asides from offering energy and safety, it can last for lengthy periods.

Such batteries can last for years and run for some minutes. However, the length of the lifespan depends on factors such as temperature, usage, charging, and care.

As for the runtime, you can get long hours especially if your battery is large.

You can extend the life of your battery by charging it correctly, using the right chargers, and keeping the device from liquids. Also, keep your battery from liquids and flammable items.

As soon as the battery becomes bad, dispose of it properly in the trash or battery recycling center.