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How Long Do Solar Batteries Last?

  • By: Chris Patton
  • Date: April 17, 2021
  • Time to read: 3 min.

There are many reasons why we love solar batteries. Asides from offering a clean form of energy, solar batteries do not require any electricity bills.

Now the question comes – how long do solar batteries last? Since they are expensive, many people wonder if they are durable.

In this post, you will understand how long solar batteries last and how long they deliver power for, after each charge. Read on to learn more.

how long do solar batteries last

How Long Do Solar Batteries Last?

Solar batteries can last for between 5 – 15 years. But a single charge lasts for anything from a day to a week, depending on the load.

Asides from offering clean energy, solar batteries can last for many years. Most models can last for at least 5 years. During this period, you can save lots of cash on bills.

Although solar batteries have a general life span, the following factors can affect the service life of these power sources.

Battery Usage

Normally, the service life of a battery depends on how you use the battery. So if you use your solar battery for long periods, it might offer a shorter shelf life than expected.

Type of Solar Battery

The common types of solar batteries include lithium-ion batteries, lead-acid batteries, and saltwater batteries.  As expected, these devices offer different service lives.

For instance, lead-acid and saltwater batteries have shorter lifespans. But if you stick with lithium-ion batteries, you will get more service life from them.

Battery Care

If you care for your solar battery, there is a high chance that it will last for many years. Luckily, a proper maintenance routine of a few dollars can prevent you from overpriced repairs.


Even if charging helps restore the power on solar batteries, it also determines the lifespan of the device. So if you charge your battery properly, it will offer an incredible amount of service life.


The temperature of a battery plays an important role in the service life of solar batteries. Let say you stay in areas, it would be ideal if you placed your solar battery in the basement. But if your area has mild temperatures, it would help if you set the battery in an outdoor location.

How Long Does a Solar Battery Last After a Charge?

After charging a solar battery, you can use it for at least a day. However, some models run non-stop for 5 – 7 days.

Thanks to some factors, different types of solar batteries can run for different periods. These factors include charging, care, battery type, usage, and temperatures.

How Can I Care for My Solar Batteries?

Solar batteries are durable power sources. But if you want them to last longer, try treating them with care. You can use the following tips to make give your solar batteries long life.

Top Up Your Fluid Levels

If you are using unsealed lead-acid solar batteries, make sure that you check the fluid level. Start by removing the battery cap and look at the water level. If the metal surfaces are visible, you might have to add more distilled water.

Clean the Terminals of the Battery

Remember to clean your battery from time to time. To perform this task, wipe down the terminals with a mixture of baking soda and distilled water. After cleaning with a brush, rinse out the terminals with water.

Inspect the Solar Batteries

Check out the battery for loose terminals and connections. Ensure that there is no dust on any part of the device. Since it is a risky activity, it would help if you wore a pair of gloves.

Rotate Your Batteries

If you are looking for an easy way to maintain your solar battery, consider moving your battery around. With this in mind, rotate the battery to get a decent charge.

Wrapping Up

Solar batteries are ideal for any type of use. After all, they do not pollute the environment. On top of that, they offer many long periods of power supply.

A solar battery has an average lifespan of 5 – 15 years. Also, a charged solar battery can run for one to one week.

The lifespan and charge of a battery depending on many factors such as usage, battery type, and temperature. Also, the maintenance of the solar battery determines how long it should last.

To extend your battery life, perform regular checks on the device and wash the terminals. Moreover, make sure that you refill the distilled water as soon as its level drops.