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How to Charge Power Wheels Battery Without a Charger

  • By: Chris Patton
  • Date: April 13, 2021
  • Time to read: 4 min.

When it comes to fun, Power Wheels’ ride-on toy vehicles are among the best kids’ toys you can think of. After all, there are interesting ways for kids to develop their sense of balance and improve their confidence.

Since a Power Wheels ride-on vehicle is a kid’s toy, it is not unexpected for children to lose the charger. Some might even get excited and damage it accidentally.

With the charger gone, topping up the power wheel’s batteries might look impossible. However, there are simple ways that you can keep your power wheel’s running even without a charger.

how to charge power wheels without a charger

How to Charge Power Wheels Battery Without a Charger

If you don’t have a Power Wheels battery charger, you can use a solar panel, laptop charger, or home inverter. You can also charge the battery with your car battery.

Power Wheels vehicles are battery-powered toys for kids. As the batteries are rechargeable, the toy vehicles come with chargers. If the charger gets missing, you can use the following ideas to power up your battery.

How to Charge Your Power Wheels Battery with a Laptop Charger

Laptop chargers are perfect replacements for missing Power Wheels chargers. But before charging the battery with this device, you will make some modifications.

  • Cut out the adapter of the laptop charger and remove the outer covering on the wires.
  • Take a step-down converter and connect the wires to it. During this task, ensure that you connect the negative and positive wires to the matching terminals. Also, tighten the screws of the connection.
  • Connect the adapter to a power supply and attach two alligator clips to the multimeter.
  • Set the preferred voltage reading on your multimeter. Then, use a screwdriver to adjust the voltage potentiometer until you notice a multimeter reading of 14 volts.
  • Next, adjust the multimeter to your preferred current reading. Then turn the other potentiometer until the multimeter displays 14 volts.
  • Charge your battery by using alligator clips to connect it to the adapter.

How to Charge Your Power Wheels Battery with a Car Battery

If you don’t have a power wheels charger, it would help if you learned how to top up the toy’s battery with a car battery. But this method is ideal for 12v power wheel batteries.

  • Check the voltage of the power wheel’s battery and ensure that it has the recommended voltage.
  • Scrub the terminals and wire to remove any dirt or corrosion.
  • Connect and charge the toy’s battery with the car battery. Instead of using a regular charger, try using a 2A trickle charger. From time to time, check the connection for any loose ends.
  • Immediately it becomes full, disconnects the charger, and tests the vehicle.

How to Charge A Power Wheels Battery with an Inverter

You can also use a home inverter system to recharge power wheel buttons. Apart from supplying energy, this method is seen as one of the quickest ways to recharge a dead Power Wheels battery. Although it gets the job done, avoid using this method daily.

  • Connect the negative and positive wires to the matching terminals of the inverter.
  • Plugin the inverter into a power outlet. Next, turn on the power and allow the battery to charge. Normally, the cell should become fully charged within 3 hours.

How to Charge Power Wheels Batteries with Solar Panels

Here are some steps for charging power wheel batteries with connected solar panels. If you want detailed steps for connecting batteries with solar panels, consider seeking advice from professionals.

  • Connect the terminals of the charge controller to the wires of the car battery.
  • Insert the ends of terminals to the interior outlet of the charge controller. Then, tighten the connections with a screwdriver.
  • Move to the solar panel and join the cables with MC4 connectors. Then, connect the wires from the controller to the solar panel.
  • Check the display of the charge controller to see if the connection is working. If you notice any readings, allow the battery to charge properly.

Extra Tips for Charging Your Battery Without a Charger

  • If you are charging your Power Wheels batteries without a charger, ensure that you wear protective clothing.
  • If you don’t have any experience with installing inverters or solar panels, try contacting a professional.
  • As soon as your charger gets missing or damaged, consider getting a replacement.
  • Avoid overcharging the batteries.

Wrapping Up

Even if you don’t have any chargers for your Power Wheels toy vehicle, you can still recharge its batteries. Feel free to check out any of the methods that are listed in our article.

However, it is ideal that you get a new charger as some of these methods might damage the battery – especially if used wrongly.